Corporate Profile

Lengzien Oil Holding B.V. is a privately-held exploration and production operator based in The Hague. The Company operates assets in the Netherlands and is owned by funds advised by LNLI, management and staff.

The Company was established in 2010. It was recognized early on that The Netherlands was the preferred location to focus Lengzien's expertise given the remaining potential for maturing untapped reserves, the proximity to market and the stable and supportive fiscal regimes.

We have built a portfolio of mostly gas assets in the Netherlands along with onshore oil assets.

Lengzien Oil focuses on assets where it can add value by proving a safe, low cost and high value appraisal and development concept on the back of the highest quality subsurface, petroleum engineering and project delivery acumen.

Lengzien Oil employs an outstanding team to work a strong portfolio of both onshore and offshore projects in both oil and gas at various stages of the Oil and Gas development cycle.